ATLAS Outreach & Education

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Welcome to the ATLAS Outreacher site. This site describes the organization of the ATLAS Education & Outreach Project.  It also provides links to resources and information useful for collaboration members contributing to outreach.


The ATLAS Outreach team

The full ATLAS Outreach team includes all 3000 members of the collaboration, most of whom contribute actively by hosting local exhibitions, events or public talks, giving interviews to local media, translating public documents, acting as guides for visits or virtual visits, writing blogs, and engaging the public by sharing their enthusiasm for science and the physics of the LHC. The core team described in these pages is primarily engaged in developing platforms, content and strategy to facilitate these activities.




For the public,  a contact form is available on the ATLAS public web site.

For ATLAS collaboration members: 

The outreach group holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays 16:00 - 17:00 (CET) on Vidyo. These meetings are open to the collaboration and feature discussion of core development and planning, current activities at CERN, and projects hosted by collaboration members. Check the room on indico, as it changes from time to time. Anyone from the collaboration interested in joining or convening a group is welcome ! Check the overview of this week's meetings

For all at CERN:

You have access to the full description of our activities and to the names of the primary contacts as soon as you'll have signed in with your CERN credentials. 

The coordinators [ Kate Shaw & Sascha Mehlhase ] can also be contacted at < (link sends e-mail)>.