ATLAS Outreach & Education

Welcome to the ATLAS Outreach & Education pages.

Outreach & Education is an essential part of the physics programme of the ATLAS Collaboration.
These pages aim to provide you (as an ATLAS member) with resources to carry out and support your own Outreach & Education programme and contact details as well as starting points to get involved in central ATLAS Outreach & Education programmes and activities.

As each and everyone within the collaboration is part of the outreach team, we encourage all of you to get in touch with us, share what you are doing, inspire others and get involved in core activities.

Organising and/or taking part in Outreach & Education programmes and activities such as local exhibitions, events or public talks, giving interviews to local media, translating public documents, acting as guide for visits or virtual visits and writing blogs helps to engage the public by sharing your enthusiasm for science and the physics of the LHC.

Get in touch with us by joining our weekly open meetings Wednesdays at 4pm (CERN time) or
sending an email to the ATLAS Outreach & Education co-coordinators (Clara & Sascha).

We're looking forward to hear from you!!