ATLAS design guidelines

ATLAS Outreach has developed of a professional visual identity that is both memorable and easy to recognise. It includes fonts, a colour palette and a refined logo, to help identify the ATLAS "brand" (our public face). By embracing these design guidelines across all of our communication platforms, we hope to present a clear, professional image that all of our target audiences can identify.

This information below sets provides guidance when using the many components of our visual identity.

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Use of Standard Logo

ATLAS Reference Logo RGB Small

The standard ATLAS Experiment logo must be used on a clean white background. In special circumstances, alternative backgrounds can be used following discussion and approval by the design/communication team.



The standard version of the logo uses 2 colours; accurate reproduction of these colours is essential.

Note: a lighter version of blue is also used for background rings of the celestial sphere for contrast and readability, but it cannot be used alone and shouldn’t be considered as at third colour.

HEX: #0b80c3 / RGB: 11, 128, 195 / CMYK:  94, 34, 0, 24 / Pantone®: 285

HEX: #000000 / RGB: 0, 0,0 / CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100 / Pantone®: Process black

Clear Space

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of other graphic elements. 

The minimum clear space surrounding the is define by the unit (u). The measurement of (u) is the space between the top line of the logo and the top of capital letters of ATLAS.

Alternative Logo Use

In addition to the standard logo, the ATLAS logo is also available in 2 single colours and on 2 background colours, and in rainbow colours.

- Single-colour logo

When colour printing is not possible, a black and white version can be used. An all-blue version of the logo is also available.

ATLAS Logo Black on WhiteATLAS Logo Blue on White

- LGBTQ logo

Find out more about Diversity and Inclusion at ATLAS: 


- Colour backgrounds

The ATLAS logo is available on two approved coloured backgrounds.
These are meant to be used on same-colour backgrounds, not as standalone logos on a different colour background.

ATLAS Logo White on Black ATLAS Logo White on Blue


- Use in Email footers

A small version (3kb) of the logo is available for use in email footers. DO NOT resize this logo to be any larger, else you will lose resolution.


Presentation and Poster Templates

We provide a Keynote and a Powerpoint theme (or template) for use of the collaboration.

In addition we provide a poster template.

Terms of use

Find the terms of use for logos and pictures here.

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