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On this page you can find an overview of resources provided through the ATLAS Outreach & Education group.
A selection of material provided by associated projects, partnerships and useful external sources can be found on our 'External resources' page.

If you have any input, suggestions, comments, requests please get in touch with (!

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Please have a look at our 'Proposed Activies' page.


Currently we have two sets of brochures.

The 'ATLAS brochure' aims at the general public and gives an overview of the physics programme, the experiment itself as well as the collaboration.
It is availble in multiple languages:  ArabicChinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)Czech, DutchEnglish, French, German, Hebrew, ItalianJapenese, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish.

The 'Join ATLAS brochure' aims at stakeholders and possible new members of the collaboration, yet gives an overview of the physics programme, the experiment and the collaboration as well.
It is available in English. If you would like to know more about 'joining the collaboration' please also visit our public website.


Find current and past editions on our ATLAS calendars page.


Find current and past editions on our ATLAS cards page.

Collaboration maps

We have a set of maps highlighting both countries with member institutes as well as member's nationalities here.

Colouring Book

The ATLAS Colouring Book is available on our public website.

Event displays

For nice looking event displays we refer you e.g. to the ATLAS VP1 page.


We are currently working on an update of the ATLAS fact sheets (also outdated short version).
Please also have a look at our brochures.

Hardware exhibits

Together with CERN we are working on a heritage collection of old, spare or prototype detector components. Stay tuned ...


If you are looking for variations of the official ATLAS logos please have a look at our Design Guidelines pages.


Please find an overview of items available at the secretariat here.

Open Data

Please find all information about ATLAS Open Data, collected by the Open Data team/contact, on our dedicated website


You can find selection of pictures on our Flickr page as well as in our multimedia section on our public website.


You can find a basic selection of ATLAS outreach posters in CDS.

Press statements

You can find our press statements on our public website.
CERN press releases can be found at

Social media

You can find ATLAS on Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.
Make sure to follow us and spread the word by sharing, liking and tagging us!


Please visit our Training & Workshops page for more information.


You can find updates in the form of News, Briefings, Features, Portraits, Press statements and Blogs on our public website.


You can find ATLAS outreach videos in CDS as well as on our Youtube channel and or social media channels.
In addition to these mostly shorter video clips, ATLAS and/or members of the collaboration have been featured in various movies (which might be able to show at events): BBC Horizon: Inside CERNParticle Fever.
If you happen to have a planetarium at hand you can consider showing Phantom of the Universe.

Virtual Visits

You can find all relevant information about ATLAS Virtual Visits and book one at

Visits (surface & underground)

FInd more information about ATLAS visits here: undergroundvisitor centre.
More information and the visit booking forms are at
At some point some related information will apprear here.


You can find the public ATLAS website at


Please visit our Training & Workshops page for more information.

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